Melonie Torres: No limit


The Ivy League grad is all about finding that balance

In the creative realm, it’s not rare for an individual to feel like they have to make a decision between pursuing their true passion or going the traditional route of college and a 9-5. The decision can be haunting for some, knowing that the wrong choice will alter their life forever. In Melonie Torres’ case however, that decision was unnecessary. The NYC creative had no interest in choosing between the two and instead has managed to successfully juggle both. “I feel like I’m experiencing both the school route where you get a degree and become part of a profession, and the “self-discovery” route,” She says. “It can be exhausting to balance everything, but it’s worth it.” Her accomplishments thus far are impressive, and perhaps serve as proof that more creatives should follow her lead.

Photo by @Floodthegram

“It can be exhausting to balance everything, but it’s worth it.

Melonie’s free spirited mentality is what has proven to separate her from her peers thus far. Despite being Ivy League educated, she still hopes to do more. “Last year I received my Masters Degree in Speech Therapy and am currently a therapist working with the special needs population,” She says. “Though I enjoy what I do, I want to continue growing in different ways and decided to try out different creative outlets such as modeling, acting, etc.” Her talent in these outlets is often on display via her Instagram which includes a plethora of comedy and skits. In her most prevalent skit series, she embodies a character named “Dominican Melo”, a fiesty personality who is devoted to schooling the masses on her culture’s lingo. Her situational comedy has proven to be a hit as well with themes centered around dating and relationships. As a model, she has shot with some of the premier photographers in the city and been featured in music videos, namely the Josh K and Fabolous track “Feeling Myself.”

Photo by @Mountainbikekeith

“My goal is to inspire those around me to become the best version of themselves”

Going forward, Melonie’s goal is to keep pushing the limits of her talent and be an example for those who may be next up. “I never want to feel like I stopped challenging my abilities or stopped growing,” She says. “I also really enjoy taking part in things where I can connect with an audience and inspire others to keep pushing.” As she continues to push out content as well as maintain her career, a healthy balance remains the key to her success and her mental wellness. Expect for the young creative to continue to progress in both paths she’s chosen, all while maintaining the look and Dominican flair that makes her unique. “My goal is to inspire those around me to become the best version of themselves and not to settle for things that don’t bring them true happiness,” She says. And despite what any loud mouth or “Baboso” (As Dominican Melo would put it) has to say, Melonie Torres has done just that.

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