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HueCore: Your car’s guardian angel

The company protecting your car when it’s parked

You check all your blind spots. You do the speed limit and follow every rule and regulation of the road yet your car still looks like it’s one more fender bender away from the junkyard. Why is that? Well in some cases it’s not the drivers fault at all. Statistics show that a car is in the parked position 95% of the time, during which, it is completely vulnerable to the elements and other reckless drivers. HueCore CEO Joel Reyes experienced this firsthand, and after collecting a myriad of bumps and scrapes on his precious ride, he sought for a way to change it. “I saw a need for a better solution than what was already out there,” He says. Reyes would go on to create a prototype with the help of Harvey CTO and form his company which has the potential to revolutionize the way we think of car protection.


“I saw a need for a better solution than what was already out there”

HueCore activates upon parking and it’s features include a mobile notification consisting of the culprits video and plate number in the event of an accident. They also provide services to prevent parked car hits from happening altogether. With HueCore, your car’s surroundings will be monitored 24/7 and the vehicles horn will sound along with the car’s lights flashing to discourage a driver from getting too close. “Many companies focus on adding smart technology to vehicles, but none of them cater to the dangers that a vehicle faces while parked and unattended,” Says Reyes. “Our goal is to bring market-leading technology to the aftermarket automotive industry.”


“Our goal is to bring market-leading technology to the aftermarket automotive industry.”

The young team at Huecore’s passions lie not only in providing top notch car protection services, but also serving the community in which they reside. While entrepreneurship has given them a sense of freedom and purpose, they also feel a responsibility to give back. “Aside from offering exciting and innovative products to our customers, we believe in bringing sustainable change through direct community involvement, education, and the empowerment of community leaders,” Reyes states. “Our team understands the importance of getting involved in our own backyards.” Joel Reyes’ fender benders have resulted in him and his friends creating a ground breaking advancement. With their proven track record both within the company and the community, it’s clear that there’s few people more qualified to watch your back than the team at HueCore.

IG: @Hue.core

A special thanks to HueCore’s Chief Business Development Officer – Julian Middleton

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