Lavar Ball is my hero…and here’s why


The outspoken dad of Lonzo should be looked at as a cultural icon

Okay i’ll admit it. At first glance, Lavar Ball does represent everything bad about parents involvement in sports. You know, the overzealous, “My son should be playing more minutes coach”, type of parent. And yes, I was one of the many people who despised his very existence on my TV screen. In my mind, he was capitalizing off of his son for his own benefit, and possibly causing his boy to lose major money in the process. But then, something happened. With the launch of the Ball family’s “Big Baller Brand” it occurred to me that Lavar and his fam had no interest in tap dancing for the big corporations. Instead, they were building buzz for their own movement. After vying for a strategic partnership and being rejected by all the major shoe brands, Lavar took matters into his own hands. These days Lavar Ball represents something else, something all aspiring entrepreneurs should admire; OWNERSHIP.


“Lavar took matters into his own hands.”

In between Lavar Ball’s bold proclamations and ill advised boast, he actually raises some serious questions for conversation. Why shouldn’t a family put themselves in a position to obtain generational wealth? Why is it okay for the NCAA, the TV companies and the ones selling Lonzo Ball merchandise to cash out on his talent and not his own family? Lavar has taken the media’s exploitation efforts and turned it on it’s head for his own benefit. He knows his wild claims will go viral. He knows they will be discussed and dissected by every sports media panel in the country the next day, and he knows his family’s company will be at the center of all that madness.


“Why shouldn’t a family put themselves in a position to obtain generational wealth?

Kanye West famously said on Saint Pablo: “Most blacks with money have been beaten to submission.” For his refusal to be humbled by the media and corporations, Lavar Ball is my hero. His political incorrectness has been a refreshing breath of fresh air as opposed to the robotic, media trained public figures of today. Lavar Ball’s most recent jab at the corporations was stating that the price to collaborate with his brand has now been bumped up to 3 billion. Along with being comedic gold, the statement serves as further proof that the Ball family doesn’t need anybody but themselves. For African American’s looking to start their own enterprise, look no further than Lavar as your inspiration. And no, I won’t be buying his 500 dollar shoes but I respect his right to charge such a price. I will be getting a shirt however. Not because it looks great (The style could use some work Lavar!), But because it serves as a symbol, for the culture.