Chauncey Bass’ exclusive interview


The multi-talented artist keeps it 100

Bryan Christopher (better known as Chauncey Bass) has been poppin on the west coast for quite sometime. Recently, there has been controversy brewing up about a rumored retirement from rap for the young talent, prompting his fans to voice their displeasure on social media. Bass caught up with Gritty Vibes to speak on the future of his career and set the record straight.

1. What was your upbringing like and how did you get into rap?

“My upbringing was decent. I’m from Brooklyn, so I witnessed some not so chill stuff at an early age. But I also grew up in front of the camera, so I was able to see two worlds and successfully exist in both. I wrote my first rap verse after hearing “The Definition” with Talib and Mos Def for the first time. Never put the pen down after that.”

2. What makes you unique as an artist?

“I think my topics play a factor in my uniqueness; the things I’m willing to discuss, I feel, take certain issues and push the boundaries in a way that you’ll either love or hate. Like, how we [black men] need to start showing MORE love to our black women, or how disgusting black on black crime is, or how f*cking much the president sucks. I’m think I’m just trying to get people to think more. And love more. And smoke more.”

3. Where did the confusion derive from surrounding the ‪#DontGoBass‬ hashtag?

“After I posted “1/3″, I think people caught onto my Finn/”fin” reference at the very end. I really didn’t expect anyone to catch it, but it’s dope that someone did. The truth is that I AM actually taking a backseat to rapping to focus more on a melodic delivery, but I still refer to myself as a rapper/singer songwriter. Also, I’m still doing “3/3″, I’m just procrastinating.”

4. What are you working on now that we should be on the look out for?

“I’ve got a mixtape-album coming hopefully this fall and a few videos to come beforehand as promotion. You did just hear me say “mixtape-album” because I am absolutely not sure which it’s going to be. Also, I normally produce my own beats, but I’ve been writing to [beats] from some other guys and it feels freeing to not have to worry about having a hand in EVERY aspect of every song of mine.”

5. What are your long term plans as an artist?

“Most of my long term plans are top secret [laughs]. But I can tell you that I plan to come out with a trilogy. That’s the most I’ve ever said to someone who is not in my camp about my future, so you guys are special. After that, perhaps I’ll get weird, grow my beard extra long and move my family on top of a mountain.”
IG: @lxvechauncey