Latashia Larae: Pure Beauty


The young model has big plans

Latashia Larae’s distinct look is what’s gained her adoration among the modeling industry and social media alike, as she has quickly become a must see up and coming talent. If you ask her though, the unique thing about her isn’t her beauty or her pictures. It’s what you don’t see. “There’s not many that know me entirely,” She says. “The fact that I remain mysterious in a world that reveals so much of itself to impress people makes me unique.” Larae understands that there is beauty in subtlety and discretion, opting instead for her actions to speak volumes. With the moves she’s already made and the ones she has up her sleeve though, it won’t be long before the world is doing the bragging for her.

Photo by @arantestephen

The fact I remain mysterious in a world that reveals so much of itself to impress people makes me unique.”

Growing up, Latashia dealt with all of the struggles that comes with being raised in a single parent home with two other siblings. Eventually, her mother married into the military, a decision which came with constant moving and little stability.  “I was young and confused,” She says. “Couldn’t understand why I was being ripped away from my family and everything I knew and relocating every 2-4 years.” Her upbringing has proven to be something that’s helped build her character though, giving her the mental fortitude that a model needs to be successful. In the industry, hearing hundreds of “No’s” is commonplace and Larae admits she is still waiting for her first big “Yes”. She does boast an impressive resume up to date though, including being chosen among thousands as a semi finalist for VH1’s America’s next top model.

Photo by @turnofcentury

“Modeling is my passion but it’s more than that.”

While she was always complimented over her looks, it took her a bit longer to buy in and accept her own beauty and talent as a model. These days, Larae embraces her look and enjoys every minute of the process that goes into a good shoot. “The thrill and excitement of creating and seeing the end result has to be most rewarding part of modeling.” She says. Her talent has proven to be in more fields than just modeling as well. She dabbles in interior design and has found a liking in creating a stylish place of comfort for others. Latashia Larae may not be the type to specify her every move to the public, but just know the young beauty has big plans for her future, and the talent to reach them. “Modeling is my passion but it’s more than that,” She says. “I have so many ideas I’m passionate about that I plan to bring to life. I don’t want to be just the pretty face, I want to build a brand that carries on after my days here.”

IG: @Lataishalarae