Doughh: Exclusive interview


Florida’s latest shining star

Doughh is a talented young musician gaining some serious buzz in South Florida with his latest song Don’t Lie Don’t Cry gaining a half million streams since November. Gritty Vibes caught up with him with him to talk about life, and what’s in store for him next.

1. What makes your style unique as an artist?

“What makes me unique is that I embrace the challenge of doing what is unexpected. Many people know me for certain skills, like some for rapping, and some for singing. I like to continuously push that envelope to keep people guessing.”

2. What was the inspiration behind “Don’t Lie, Don’t cry”? How have you felt about the positive reception it’s received do far?

“The inspiration behind the song was personal experiences, and experiences we hear about every day. EVERY relationship hits that point where you have to reset. Some survive, some don’t. But, its worth the try for love. The reception was expected mentally, like I knew the song had a lot of potential, but to actually see it, its been pretty surprising. Its only up from here!”

3. Who are some people in the game who inspire you? Who do you hope to collaborate with?

“My biggest inspiration is Kanye West. Like Kanye, I have synesthesia, which is seeing colors when I hear music. He’s always been relatable in terms of his creative process. As far as who I look to work with: Kanye is a clear #1. Also, The-Dream, John Legend, OutKast, and Drake. Those are my bucket list artists. Oh, and Darius Rucker.”

4. What are you working on now?

“Right now, I’m preparing the release of my EP. “Much Is Given”. 5 R&B songs that will solidify what I can bring to this game. And a surprise after that. “

5. What’s next for you?

“After this stage, and I find a label home, I plan to work on my debut album “What Lies Within The Lies.” But, until that moment, i’m focused on this EP and really getting the best out of these songs. “Don’t Lie, Don’t Cry” was a great introduction. It only gets crazier from that song.”
Ig: @Youknowdoughh