Kye: Designer for the people


Take a peek inside the creative Mind Of Kye

In this social media fueled generation, it’s been said that creatives are beginning to lack originality. The endless comparing, and the lust for attention and fame has had an effect on the art. As a result, a lot of the content ends up looking the same, mimicking whatever is hot or current. Kyemah McEntyre isn’t like most creatives though. The nineteen year old designer isn’t worried about what anyone else is doing, as her only muse is the culture itself. “This career comes with a lot of territory,” She says. “Social media makes the world hyper aware and judgmental.” Marching to the beat of her own drum has gained her quite the following. But while many of her fans are still admiring her past work, Kye already has her sights set on what’s next.

Photo by @loveyoulikemango

“Social media makes the world hyper aware and judgmental.”

Kye remembers the exact moments in which she realized what she wanted to do with her life. The first came as just a little girl. As the daughter of a teacher, she was surrounded by educational values and content at a young age. One documentary that she popped in, would change her forever. “My best friend and I were watching a documentary when the image of Emit Till’s face took the screen,” She says. “It changed my life. I understood then, the power of an image.” Those feelings were heightened even more when Kye visited a museum years later and was appalled by the lack of African American people who were represented. “To have seen a version of myself represented in that space would have some how validated my worth,” She says. Eventually, Kye began committing herself to creating her own images, as her signature style and theme as a designer was born.

Photo by @leesythooo

“To have seen a version of myself represented in that space would have some how validated my worth.”

Her style consist of African themed patterns on gowns and clothing, often featuring hand painted women of color holding their fist up. While a number of her pieces have received good receptions, it was her own prom gown that truly took the world by storm and went viral on social media. “That for me, is probably my proudest moment,” She says. “That was my validation, as a designer but also a person.” Going forward, Kye is releasing a capsule collection this summer entitled “CARGO, by Mind of Kye”. Expect a few pieces to be released in the near future as she continues her progression as a premier young designer. One thing is for sure, if any little black girl looks at her work, they will never feel like Kye once did at the museum. Her work is for the culture and judging by the fanfare that it’s receiving, the culture is for her as well.

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