Quick model profile: Wisdom Onwubiko


The young British talent is wise beyond his years

The British model known as Wisdom Onwubiko’s career is already taking shape as he has been featured for various upstart fashion lines across the UK. However, when asked about the toughest thing he’s faced in his young career, his response isn’t about modeling at all. “My biggest obstacle right now is exams.” He says. That’s right, the teen who is set to take the model world by storm is more concerned with his schoolwork than a fashion shoot at the moment. With his priorities where they should be, expect for Onwubiko’s career to take flight soon enough.

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“I was stopped by this woman who owns a brand and she asked me to model for her”

Wisdom’s life in modeling wasn’t something that was carefully crafted or constructed. In fact, the event that jump started his career was by complete chance. “I was walking through Camden going to buy trousers and I was stopped by this woman who owns a brand and she asked me to model for her,” He says. “That’s when things began to move.” The event jump started his career and it’s been in motion ever since. Going forward, he hopes to make his name larger within the fashion industry, a feat that will surely happen in time. The London native may have not intended to become a model at first, but at the rate he’s going, he won’t have to stress about little things like exams for too much longer.

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