Lottiee Denise: Hottest in the Lou


The soulful artist you HAVE to get hip to

A tough environment can often lead a child down one of two paths. They can fall victim to the trappings of the streets and become yet another statistic, or they can transcend their surroundings and vow to be something different. The rising star referred to as Lottiee Denise chose the latter. “My upbringing was like any typical girl growing up in bad neighborhoods or the hood,” She says. Around a lot of violence but I’ve never gotten into it myself. I’ve always been the peace maker” Her sense of independence and longing for peace and love are themes that can be found throughout her music. While Lottiee might be from the inner city, her music and signature sound is something that anyone can vibe to. And at the rate she’s going, it won’t be long until her movement is global.

Photo by @addyberge

“One day I started singing my poems and realized I could turn them into songs.”

Lottiee Denise spent her upbringing between San Diego and St Louis, where she sang in the choir and learned to play piano. As a shy and reserved child, she found her artistic voice initially through writing. “I used to write poetry to express my thoughts on things I didn’t want to talk about to actual people, I was like really shy and quiet,” She says. “One day I started singing my poems and realized I could turn them into songs.” She has since mastered her musical style and released soulful projects such as her latest effort “OPEN LETTER”, which is available on all of streaming platforms currently.

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“I’m unique just by being 100% me naturally.”

For Lottiee, gaining support online is one thing, but meeting fans in person and seeing the way her art touches people firsthand is what truly inspires her. “When they actually know the lyrics to my songs, show up to every show I have, man that’s so dope,” She says. Those fans will have more lyrics to learn as she plans on dropping a new project sometime this year. As her career progresses, no one know what the future holds. But one thing that’s for sure is that Lottiee Denise will remain herself. “I’m unique just by being 100% me naturally,” She says. “That’s with me and my music.” And that uniqueness, combined with the soulful vocals and dope style, is why Lottiee is next up in her city.