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The New York actress taking LA by storm

A move to Los Angeles is like a rite of passage for those working in film, an indication that an actor or actress takes their craft seriously and is willing take a leap of faith to pursue their dreams. While plenty of stars have been discovered in LA, others are lost in the shuffle, and forced to return to wherever it is they came from in defeat. For the Amityville, New York native Nique Haggerty, the choice was a no brainer. “The move to LA has been very exciting for me,” She says. “NY is my home and nothing can ever take it’s place but L.A. is definitely etched on my heart.” The young actress who started out in musical theater hopes to apply her talents to the television and film world and so far, she’s shown good potential in doing so. Even in the city of red carpets and movie stars, Nique is beginning to shine.

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“NY is my home and nothing can ever take it’s place but L.A. is definitely etched on my heart.”

Nique Haggerty’s choice of career requires a unique kind of strength, with the constant hustle and bustle of securing auditions and roles. With her upbringing and the women she was raised around though, this comes natural. “My family had little to no money but we had an unlimited amount of love,” She says. “Growing up I looked up to the women in my family. They were like Amazons to me; Strong and beautiful, but filled with grace and love.” Along with helping her get through the tough times, the women in her family also encouraged her creative pursuits and it wasn’t long before she found her lane in theater. Haggerty stood out at an early age with her voice and the way she embodied each role.

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“Growing up I looked up to the women in my family. They were like Amazons to me”

Nique’s main attribute as an actress has proven to be her versatility. She’s played a wide range of roles in her career, including a standout performance in “Odds against honor”, which won “Best Dramatic Short” in LA’s Downtown Film festival. “I have always been fascinated with taking on new characters, She says. “I never want to be the actress who gets stuck playing one particular role or herself for the rest of her life. To me that isn’t what acting is about.” Before diving into a particular role, Nique studies the mannerisms and tendencies of those similar to the character, creating one of her own with depth and dimensions.


“I have always been fascinated with taking on new characters.”

Even in her pursuit of a diverse array of roles though, Haggerty still deals with the obstacle of being a black actress in Hollywood. Being type-casted and forced into a particular perception is something she sees all too often. “I personally refuse to play into the narrative that all black women are uneducated, ratchet, ghetto girls by playing them,” She states. “Although I’m all about exploring new characters, if the character I’m playing is going to be a one dimensional caricature that will cause harm to my people I will definitely pass.” Haggerty’s uncompromising strength is what defines her, and if her day on the big screen comes, she’d prefer it happen the right way. And when that happens, we have a feeling that there will be a few “Amazons” looking on from a far, very proud.

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  1. I have proudly watched my daughter pursue her career. I have always been proud of her dedication and determination. She has so much talent that it still stuns me. Watching her always leaves me in awe. I was worried when she first started but I have seen herstrength. She amazes me all the time.