Nneka Ibeabuchi: The vision


The multi faceted creative

For a young creative director like Nneka Ibeabuchi, inspiration can be found in pretty much every facet of life. Take her trip to Ghana for example; Upon arriving to the country for a visit, Ibeabuchi’s muse was the beautiful hairstyles of the Ghanian females. With the idea sparked, Ibeabuchi immediately began putting the photographers, models and stylist into place and before she even arrived back home, her latest project was born. “My beads and braids project,” She says. “I’m so in love with it and it caught a lot a attention, I just want everyone see my work and admire it.” It’s clear that the young creative has the vision, and with projects such as “Beads and Braids” making headlines, her body of work is getting pretty hard to ignore.

Photo by @ayo__prince

“I was more of a tom-boy during my childhood.”

While her creative endeavors have earned her some much deserved recognition, Ibeabuchi has also impressed as a model, often stepping in to model for her own projects. Her big hair and distinct African features are mainstays on her Instagram feed, which has amassed over forty thousand followers. It may be hard for some to believe, but Ibeabuchi wasn’t always the prototypical model type. “I was more of a tom-boy during my childhood, nobody understood how I ended up a model,” She says. Along with modeling, she has also extended her talents to being a brand ambassador and even a hostess, as she brought her dope outfits and cultural flavor to her most recent hosting at New York University.
Photo by @facetfilms

“I have a lot of goals to accomplish but I’m not going to get into that.”

Nneka Ibeabuchi’s young career is off to a promising start, with appearances in publications such as Galore mag, Debonairafrik.com and CNN Africa as she continues to perfect her craft. She makes it clear that all her success does not come without work though, particularly the work that it takes to prepare a shoot and get everyone on the same page. Once everything does come together for her, Ibeabuchi has proven she can create magic. As far as down the line for her career? Ibeabuchi would rather not tell. “I have a lot of goals to accomplish but I’m not going to get into that,” She says. “It’s a lot to be laid out, but it’s something great and positive.” We’ll take her word that it will be, and the only thing we can do until then is sit back and wait for what she does next.
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