April Kae of Imanigold


The musician and activist is for the people

In the current musical climate, there is a growing void between fans of the old, 1970’s soul music and the current pop music that dominates the airwaves. While some think the two cannot co-exist, the talented musician known as April Kae of Imanigold would beg to differ. April has been able to find the middle ground between quality music and tunes that can be enjoyed by the populous and the result is a sound we should all get hip to.

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“There was always a piano in my house.”

April Kae’s prowess in a diverse range of musical styles is no accident, and perhaps a direct result of her upbringing. “My parents met in a Motown band a few years before I was born,” she says. “There was always a piano in my house.” She would eventually go on to play guitar and bass as well as sing, as she dabbled in everything from jazz to blues to indie rock. Sometime between college and present day, “Imanigold” came about as she began to forge her own identity as an artist.


“My parents met in a Motown band a few years before I was born.”

April hopes her music will touch the masses in a positive way, and that her influence will help others access their own means of self-actualization. “Though I believe everyone benefits from such access, those who I choose to focus on most are young people, especially kids of color,” she says. “Just as institutionalized oppression limits children’s sense of freedom from the moment they are born, the work to support those children in finding their freedom, and own inner revolutionary, must also start early.” She has followed up these strong words with actions, like mentoring youth and connecting them to various resources that can be of use to them in their journeys.

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“Those who I choose to focus on most are young people, especially kids of color.”

As April has grown and moved through her journey, she says she finds it challenging to apply the same support and affirmation to herself. The constant inner questioning is something she acknowledges as an obstacle, but not one that she can’t overcome–and she’s making progress. Over the past few months, April has started to perform more and is open to tour in the future as her fanbase grows, with new and old school music heads alike. “My music is for those people,” she says. “Those who covet access to the aux cord at a party, the people with the complicated speaker systems that only they understand, folks with boxes of records in their living room stacked next to shelves with books about those records.” With an album coming out this year, for this multifaceted musician and community organizer, it’s surely only a matter of time before a few of those records and books are of April Kae herself.

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