Shyann of June’s Diary


The young singer you NEED to know about

From The Supremes to TLC, black women’s singing groups have always captured the hearts and imaginations of the world through music. Somewhere along the line though, things began to change and the art of singing was watered down and replaced mostly by radio friendly, pop melodies. Like a breath of fresh air, a new group came along. “June’s Diary” hit the scene at just the right time and as Shyann, one of the groups youngest members can attest to, they definitely bring something fresh to the music game. “As a whole we just bring real music back because we can really sing,” She says. Shyann brings a youthful jolt to the group, and her talent is one of the reasons that they are among hottest up and coming acts in the industry.

Photo by Mike Boyce

“As a whole we just bring real music back because we can really sing”

The natural way in which Shyann has went about her music is probably a direct result of her genetics. “I’ve been singing since I was two years old my mother and father met each other through singing so it was bound for me to sing,” She says. Shyann has since progressed to a young woman with an impressive following through her talent, as evidenced by her 53 thousand followers on IG. While Shyann’s upbringing and rise to fame has been in the social media generation however, she still is knowledgeable of the ways it can be misleading to those who look up to her. “People think they know who you are but they really don’t,” She says. “They only see what’s out there on Instagram, Twitter, etc so you always have to make sure whatever you put out, you’re comfortable with it because the Internet can make it out to be something your not.


“People think they know who you are but they really don’t”

Shyann and June’s Diary as a whole have been successful at branding themselves and putting out quality content and the result is a growing and loyal fanbase. Shyann realizes that this movement is bigger than just her, as she has been approached by fans and told of how her music changed them for the better. “We did a meet & greet tour and we had a group of people drive 12 hours just to spend a hour with us, that is amazing,” She says. “I love what I do and they always remind me why I do it, beautiful feeling.”


“I love what I do and they always remind me why I do it”

Shyann has big dreams for the future and wouldn’t want to go through the ride with anyone except her new sisters. The group has given her a newfound strength and focus on her goals ahead, and the 20 year old is just getting started. “My future goals would have to be winning a grammy, changing the game with our music and voices, being a inspiration, being legendary, and showing women that we are stronger together then competing against each other,” She says. Junes Diary proves once again that when black women get together and put their mind and talent towards a common goal, the results are truly magic.

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