Show and tell with photographer India Pantin


The Sunshine State’s newest shooter

India Pantin is a promising young photographer from Orlando/Daytona Beach, Florida. At just 19, her photographs share the mature themes of self acceptance, race and finding the beauty in everyday life. We caught up with India to discuss the story behind five of her photographs.

#1. IMG_5487

“This was taken the morning after Hurricane Mathew hit Florida in 2016 pretty bad. Walking through a nursing home, where me and my family stayed for the night during the hurricane for a safer shelter, this one room caught my eye. Nothing in the room could’ve been placed any differently to make this photo better. I think it says a lot about how lonely and empty nursing homes can feel to the residents that live there.”


“This photo makes me very proud. I’ve shot this model, who is also a very close friend, multiple times throughout the years of me growing as a photographer and it shows the extreme progress I’ve made. After this shoot, I finally had a serious feeling of affirmation that my hard work and practice is actually paying off and that I can actually do this.”
“I asked her to pose this way to convey a feeling of her being reserved and private in a way. I think with the colors being monochromatic adds to the feelings of the photo. This is one of my favorites of 2017.”
“I would like this photo to speak for itself.”
“I think it is so important, right now more than ever, that we feel confident & beautiful in the fact that we are different and we should embrace it. I showed this photo in class and my professor said he would’ve turned it black & white and asked me why I didn’t do the same. I responded with “It would defeat the purpose”. It is important that you see the color of her skin. No one shares her same skin tone and turning it black & white would take the essence away from that.”
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