Sinead Bovell’s story


The beautiful model has found her passion

From the outside looking in, Sinead Bovell was living a life fulfilled, with degrees and new accomplishments along the way. Her traditional university path was capped off with a Bachelors degree in finance and a Masters in business but still, something was missing. “None of what I was doing made me happy or provided me with passion,” She says. As fate would have it, it was during this time period in which she was scouted by “Next Models” and found a new lane to pursue. Sinead hasn’t looked back since, and with her face already gracing some of the most prestigious publications there is, we’d say she made the right choice.


“None of what I was doing made me happy or provided me with passion”

The business and modeling world can often be intertwined in some regards, but there are some distinct differences between the two. “The unstructuredness and the feeling of lack of control is very challenging,” Sinead says. “I grew up on a very structured academic path, whereby your output and results are a direct reflection of the input and work ethic you put in.” The model industry on the contrary, can often be controlled by networking, agency-client relationships and other variables that can be hit or miss for aspiring talent. Despite that factor, Sinead still finds fulfillment in the job and the opportunities that come with it, stating: “When you get to work with a brand or company that you have always looked up to and truly reflects who you are; its a great feeling.”


“I hope to connect my business background with the fashion industry”

Sinead’s accomplishments include being featured in a number of the main Canadian fashion magazines as well as the prestigious “Vogue UK”. The young model has shaken the initial nerves she used to feel when on set and embraced the fun and excitement received from controlling the energy of her shoots. Going forward she’d like to align with influential brands such as Calvin Klein, which she credits as one of the brands that have had a part in the paradigm shift of fashion and model diversity. As she foresees just how far she can take her passion, she still hasn’t completely abandoned her 1st path either. “I hope to connect my business background with the fashion industry and become a business resource for entrepreneurs in the entertainment space.” Sinead says. Aligning her degree with her passion would be a poetic next step for Sinead Bovell, bringing her beauty, brains and ambitious pursuit, full circle.

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Photographers: @matteprojects, @nirukimondo1