The triumphant story of Aweng


The young African beauty’s amazing journey

The South Sudanese model known as Aweng has broken into the industry with a striking combination of distinct cheekbones, piercing eyes and rich dark skin. While her beauty is evident to the world around her, it took a bit longer for her to realize it herself. “The biggest obstacle that I’ve had to overcome is self love,” She says. “I’ll admit it, there’s a few moments that I’ve had, where I’d stare at the girl next to me and I would just wish that I could have her smile, or her skin, or her hair, or her thighs, or her eyes.” Aweng acknowledges this as just human nature. Embracing her own beauty may have taken some time, but finding that inner love is the reason she is currently a face to look out for on the modeling scene for years to come.


“The biggest obstacle that I’ve had to overcome is self love”

The discipline and structure that a models life consist of can be a tough task for some to upkeep. Aweng’s upbringing however, helped make that transition seamless. “My grandfather was a strict man, he was also a pastor and a man with rules and precision,” She says. “With modelling, one is required to be disciplined and very punctual. I feel like my upbringing complimented my career choices.” Aweng grew up with creative aspirations, dabbling in everything from singing, to acting and dancing, eventually falling in love with the art of modeling. While the industry she stepped into has been progressive, it’s unrealistic standards of beauty are still a grim reality that she has fought to overcome.

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“I feel like my upbringing complimented my career choices.”

Aweng is no stranger to adversity and combating the rules set in place by society. In Sudan, she was brought up in a culture that often prioritizes men’s desires over women. In the modeling industry, she encounters those who wish to mold her into something that she isn’t. Still, Aweng manages to remain inspired, even by the simplest of things. “The idea of one being born, one learning a new language, one discovering, just one breathing inspires me,” She says. “I am inspired daily by the idea that I was at first nothing. I was just a mere fetus. I developed, I grew.”

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“I am inspired daily by the idea that I was at first nothing.”

Aweng has evolved into a cultured individual, one who can speak three languages and dons a growing list of accomplishments in her field. She has arisen from a war torn country to walking at some of the most high profile shows in the world, while still dreaming of one day holding a seat in the Sudanese government. As far as modeling, Aweng envisions herself with her family, in a different seat. “My dream as of right now modelling wise, is to one day sit at a thanks giving family dinner table; telling my mum about how I just got to walk my dream show,” She says. With Victoria Secret, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein on her wishlist, it is clear that Aweng’s sights are set high. With all that she’s been able to overcome and accomplish so far though, the sky is the limit for what she does next.

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Feature photo by @noagrayevsky


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