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Show and tell with artist Jordan Arnell

One of the freshest faces in commercial art

Jordan Arnell is a talented commercial artist with acknowledgements by the likes of Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Drake, Rick Ross and more. We caught up with him to discuss three of his favorite works of art thus far, on the brink of his very own art show.

  1. Kyrie Irving


“The Kyrie Irving art piece might have been one of my specials in my art career for me. I had a lot of big moments before, but when Kyrie hit me up about actually buying a art piece from me that’s when I kind of knew I was onto something big. That same day I started a brand new graphic design job making $30,000 a year from home is the same day I quit to pursue something bigger. I see it like this what if I decided to stay there I probably wouldn’t be doing this article. It’s amazing how this universe work. Not many people get those opportunities where I’m from, hell I don’t think anyone have. So for him to hit me up was one of the greatest feelings I ever had.”

2. Cleveland Cavaliers


“Now this NBA piece was also dope as well. Inspired by the beatles album cover. I kind of knew once I posted it up on my instagram account I would get a great reaction, I just didn’t know I would get the NBA attention. So for them them to take my art out of 22 million people that following them and choose to go to my page and post my artwork was big to me. Not to mention this was 2 weeks after Kyrie Irving just hit me up, October 2016 was a great month for me. I always joke with people on how I made it to the NBA, although it wasn’t for my jump shot I made it through my passion and that’s art. Thank you NBA lol!”

3. Orlando Pace


“I have other pieces that means a lot but the ones that get my attention the most are these 3. Now this Orlando Pace piece was really something special. At this point you can really see my growth in my work, and I think that’s why he hit me up for a piece. Orlando Pace is from my hometown of Sandusky, OH played in the same basketball gym I did, and played on the same football field as well. He’s a NFL Hall of Famer and for him to take time out his day to locate me and ask for work is a great feeling. Just knowing that I’m contact with these type of people keeps me motivated. These are multi-millionaires, so with me talking to them is big. This just let’s me know I can be one myself. They say you hang with 4 millionaires you are bound to be the 5th, you just have to people in work. But back to the Orlando Pace story I was on a business trip in Chicago when he located me and asked to get some work done. He then said, “name the price and I will pay it.” Me personally, I would have done it for free because keeping that connection is big, but once he said that I knew now he respects my craft 100%. Just 2 years ago I did a piece for him for free and he loved it, me personally I thought it was weak now that I’m advanced but hey that’s how things work. That just goes to show you doing something genuinely for free down the line the payoff will be well worth it. I won’t say the price he paid but to this day that was the biggest payout I had so far.”

IG: @Eztaughtme


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