Nate Brady: Milwaukee’s newest rap star


The freshest name on the Milwaukee rap scene

In Nate Brady’s latest video “Isolated”, which has garnered him some quality buzz and over 20,000 YouTube views, he walks through the streets of Milwaukee and raps with the poise and the wit of an established rap star. As it turns out though, Brady is still clamoring for the respect and recognition that he deserves. “The most challenging part is getting people like Complex, and The Fader to reply to my messages,” he says. For us over at Gritty Vibes, it was a no brainer. The 414 representer has the potential to be one of the GOATs of Milwaukee. The best part about it though, is that he knows it.


“My ex led to me rapping”

Nate began spitting early, and it didn’t take long for him to realize his pen game was superior to his peers. Despite that early start though, he didn’t start recording until 2016 and it took some harsh words to finally give him the push to take it seriously. “My ex led to me rapping,” He says. “Towards the end of our relationship she said I didn’t have anything going for myself and wouldn’t be shit.” Tough words indeed, but the result has been the added motivation needed to make a young rap star.


“There’s a chance that I could do something big with this”

Brady can’t help but look at the state of the rap game with a look of bewilderment as wack rapper after wack rapper gets put on. However, he hasn’t let the current crop of mumble rappers discourage him and the vision he has for himself and his music. “There’s a chance that I could do something big with this,” He says. “And if I don’t, and I don’t know how I wouldn’t, it’s fun doing…I mean, who wants to work a 9-5 their whole life?” Someone with as much potential as Nate Brady doesn’t belong behind a desk somewhere. The young man who was told he wouldn’t be shit, should be in a studio or on a stage, proving why is the thee shit, in his city.

IG: @Natebrady414