Show and Tell with Poet R.L. Soul


Raven Cole is an up and coming poet who is taking the strides to get her name out there, and her work noticed. She caught up with Gritty Vibes to tell us a little about her background and also to showcase a favorite poem of hers.

Give me someone who, by Raven Cole

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1. What was your upbringing like and how did it lead you towards poetry? 
     I grew up in a single parent home, here in Los Angeles. I’ve always felt like an old soul because I tend to do my own thing. I think I first found poetry in Elementary school. At the start of middle school, I began to write. For me, poetry became a safe haven and way for me to express my feelings-as in Elementary I was bullied due to this I feel I became more reserved. Poetry became my outlet and still is.
2. What makes you and your poetry unique?
     I am a poet, but I also consider myself to be a story teller. As most of my poems, I feel tend to be long because I always want to try and touch on all sides of a feeling. I also feel that my poetry ALWAYS rhymes, I have tried many times not to rhyme, but I think I try to stay true to the art of poetry. I also like to think of myself as a lyricist–I try to touch on topics(mental health, interracial dating, self love etc) that I feel this generation faces a lot. Such as What is love to this generation? Seems it’s all about physical appearance, side-chicks and not building real relationships. Maybe that’s just me tho.
3. What are your dreams and goals going forward?
     It had always been a dream of mine to release a book of my poetry. As I’m very private about my poetry as it’s a glimpse into my soul and I don’t just open up and let anyone in. At the beginning of the year, I actually succeeded in making that dream come true. I self-published a book of poetry titled, “Bruises Heal & Again We Feel: Poems from the Soul”, my goal now is to become a spoken word artist and let my words not only be read, but heard. I hope my words can touch the hearts of youth-as I feel our youth/people of color need a lot of support these days. I want to develop a program for youth based around poetry/art–a positive outlet for self-expression.
IG: @aspire2nspire (Poetry), @poetic_alma (personal)