The super soulful sound of Oya Noire


The Brooklynite is here to stay

The music industry can often be a revolving door of young talent, powered by cultural trends and flavors of the month as execs are constantly in search of who’s “Next”. While budding musicians seem to come and go on the daily, there are others who have the look to be just a little different. Such is the case with Oya Noire. The Brooklyn singer’s soulful lyrics and raw delivery have the potential to be something great, and if her early output is any indication, she will only be going up from here.

Photo by @teej_aye

“That emotion comes from life”

While Oya’s soundcloud is filled with an assortment of spellbinding gems off of her latest project entitled “Dangerous”, it is her live performances that have truly been turning heads. The emotion and pain poured into her delivery have gained her over 50,000 views on her Instagram videos. “That emotion comes from life,” She says. “I was going through a real life situation that I didn’t necessarily write that song about, but happened to relate to the situation at the time. I used that opportunity to release all the frustration and hurt I was feeling and I’m so glad people can feel that.”


“I was exposed to so many different styles of music from Kompa, Salsa, and Reggae”

Oya grew up with Haitian parents, with music being a mainstay in her childhood. At an early age, she was submersed in a diverse array of music that has allowed her to pull inspiration now as an artist. “I was exposed to so many different styles of music from Kompa, Salsa, and Reggae to name a few, but I wasn’t really hip to American music unless it was completely mainstream,” She says. “It wasn’t until I got older, joined gospel choirs and bonded with other singers that I really discovered soul music and my own personal musical style.” While Oya’s style is something she’d like to say is uncompromising, she does admit that her audience plays a big factor in the content that she puts out. Deciding to go in a particular direction with her sound comes with risk, but the freedom to do so is what makes it worth it for her.

Photo by @laikaestimephotographie

“I’m not afraid to create my own path and be my own light.”

As her following continues to grow, Oya maintains that fame is not everything to her. Putting out quality content and continuing to progress and develop however, is. “I would love to continue to grow my community of supporters and create more music,” She says. “Traveling and having global reach is something that’s always been important to me as an artist.” The young Brooklyn talent now has fans as far as Berlin, France and Spain, some of whom even have wrote her to tell her of the impact she’s made on their lives. Being transparent to her fanbase that she is not perfect, has only made her more of a role model. “I am flawed, I hurt, and I cry but through that I create magic,” She says. “I’m not afraid to create my own path and be my own light.” At the rate Oya Noire is going though, she’ll end up being a light for many others along the way.

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