Egypt The Artist


The LA artist with the beautiful signature style

You may not know of Ericka Hagan by name, but chances are, you’ve seen her work. Remember that painting with the vibrant colors and the iconic image you seen on IG a while back that you loved? Or the one that hung casually in the house of the celebrity you just can’t get enough of? That was hers. And while turning a dream into a full-time career can make even the most humble people gloat, the LA bred painter who goes by “Egypt” is still in shock of her success. “I’m still in disbelief that people really enjoy what I do,” She says. “It’s such a crazy feeling to know that people want to have my work in their homes. A home is such a personal and sacred space, It’s rewarding to actually see my creations hanging there on someone’s wall. That’s honestly the most satisfying feeling.”


“It’s such a crazy feeling to know that people want to have my work in their homes”

Like many artist, Egypt grew up a very shy and timid girl, using her art as her main source of expression. Growing up in a house full of females, she began to develop a knack for drawing. From illustrating school teachers to doodling on homework, Egypt found her passion, and began to fall in love with it. “It was simply a voice for me and self expression that managed to stick with me for a long time,” She says. “Never did I think it would become a passion that would take me around the world.” As that passion developed, Egypt built up the courage to quit her 9-5 job and leave LA for New York.


“Never did I think it would become a passion that would take me around the world.”

The change of city as well as the decision to do art full time was not without its share of tribulations. Financial issues, as well as self doubt can can creep into any artist’s life. “There are days when business can be slow, you start to feel that no one is interested in your work anymore,” Egypt says. “The pay becomes inconsistent and some days, I have to worry that I might not make rent on time. Those become the challenging times that I have to push myself to keep creating and keep working hard to get where I want to be.” The peaks and valleys are part of the business and Egypt has had her share of peaks. She has been able to travel the world with her art, appear in galleries and create art for people globally, something that many aspiring artist can only dream about.

“The sky is the limit and literally, anything is possible”

Egypt knows there are still things to learn, and experiences to have with her budding talent. The young artist has already carved out her own unique style which consist of combined patterns, and the look of organized chaos that somehow keeps a natural flow. The paintings are all just as unique as their painter, who through all her achievements, still dreams of more. “The sky is the limit and literally, anything is possible,” She says. “Dreams of being a better me, keeping my travels consistent, living with no regrets and dreams of continuing to inspire the world through art.” The 9-5 days are way behind her now and while what’s in front is still unsure, those vibrant, lively paintings that Egypt has made a living on, aren’t going anywhere.

IG: @Graffitiegypt_