Show and tell with photographer Jamal Douce


Up and coming photographer Jamal Douce shares five of his photos and tells us more about what makes him unique

The Late Great Biggie Smalls famously described the youth of 1990’s Brooklyn by rhyming “Either you slinging crack rock, or you got a wicked jump shot.” In modern day Brooklyn, the talented photographer Jamal Douce hoped his jump shot would be his ticket out of his tough East Flatbush neighborhood. While that didn’t work out, he has found a new passion in his snapshots. “I love photography,” He says. “I love the happiness it brings me when I travel and take photos. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, everyone is different and it makes doing what I love new and fresh every time.”

Jamal Douce has high hopes of one day innovating the photography game, in hopes of inspiring the youth that come after him. One thing he’d tell them? Be yourself. “I think most people play it safe or let social media or ppl close to them dictate their lives and how they should be,” He says. “I personally don’t worry about being someone else or being accepted from everyone cause I know we live in a world where no matter how good or nice you are, people will still find ways to hate you or judge you for something currently or hold you to your past.” The man who calls himself “The legend from Brooklyn” has found his calling in photography. As far as spreading love to future generations with lessons of life experience, well that’s just the Brooklyn way.

IG: @Legendfrombrooklyn