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Yel: Diamond in the rough

Washington state’s latest up and coming star

Yel Loving has been turning heads for a minute now with her smooth, in the pocket flow and delivery, but with her latest video “Soul Travel”, she has truly taken her craft to new heights. The rapper born and raised in Washington state raps about life’s ups and downs while causally walking through her neighborhood like someone who was born to make music. With musicians in her family dating back through generations, this is no accident. “Pops was a Saxophone/piano player and my mom was a singer as well,” She says. “Me and my two other brothers grew up rapping at an early age. Although Playing basketball and getting to college was my main priority, Music stuck with me throughout my life.” Yel has tapped into her potential, and hopes to be one day mentioned with the greatest to ever do it.


Photo by @imskinnylens

“Pops was a Saxophone/piano player and my mom was a singer as well”

Yel’s goal of getting to college was achieved, and it was in that setting where she began to write and freestyle more. As her rap persona began to take shape, a family tragedy ultimately pushed Yel to take music seriously. “My mother passed away and the following year I decided to go for it all the way,” She says. “Been chasing the dream ever since.”


Photo by @lvonimages

“My mother passed away and the following year I decided to go for it all the way”

In a short period of time, Yel has already accumulated an impressive number of fans, something she refers to as the most rewarding part about being a rapper. A few milestones in which she calls “Small Victories” is her interview with DapperQ, her performance with Buzzfeed live and her song with her brother entitled “All I want in life.” As an up and coming artist, this list is certainly set to grow in the forthcoming months.


Photo by @kaitlynkohn

Everything Yel has been through and overcame leading up to this point has prepared her for her current stage, and with the momentum from her latest video, she is confident about the future. “One of my biggest dreams at this point in my career is to be one of the dopest rappers of all time,” She says. She also has a mixtape in the works that she plans on finishing in the near future and hopes to headline her own tour one day. The Washington native has high hopes, but also the talent to achieve her goals. And while she may have traded in her hoop kicks for a mic, her musical gifts have officially became a new way for her to ball forever.

IG: @yupitsyel


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