Victor the Violinist


The young violinist is trusting the process

Victor Chukwuabuka has enjoyed his share of successes as a young violinist bursting unto the scene, but the thing he loves most about his musical ascension is the journey itself. “Anyone who is deeply involved in the music business knows how much work has to be put in in order to even make a dent,” He says. “It’s been beyond rewarding to work extremely hard in something that I believe I was born to do. All this to say, you must enjoy the journey in order to be satisfied with the destination.” He has learned to embrace the grind and the process that goes into being great, and the result is a unique talent who sounds like none other.


“I always prayed to be used in service to fellow brothers and sister all over the world”

Victor’s story began in Ibadan, Nigeria where as a youth his focus was not yet squared on music, opting instead to focus on sports. In the 7th grade upon arrival to the states however, everything changed. “My love for sports still remained but a new profound love for music grew strong as I attended my first art school,” He says. The violin was the first instrument he picked up and proved to be the hardest to put down. Its vibrations brought Victor back to his childhood in the motherland, where his mother and father raised him with expectations for him to achieve greatness. Through that instrument and the opportunities that lied within mastering it, Victor began to feel it was his destiny to do just that.

“I wake up and go to sleep to classical music, but it is not the only music ever invented”

Victor has since honed his talents and touched the lives of various fans of the art. Being an African American violinist certainly makes him a minority, something that puts him in the position to represent for his people. Victor does not take this role lightly. “I always prayed to be used in service to fellow brothers and sisters all over the world,” He says. Despite being a classically trained violinist, Victor acknowledges that there are plenty of other genres out there, and his unique sound derives from his refusal to be stuck inside of a box, stating: “I wake up and go to sleep to classical music, but it is not the only music ever invented.”

Vic along with his colleagues @leegarlandjr and @wyellegendofficial

Going forward, Victor Chukwuabuka has his goals set on teaching future generations his craft. Being of service and giving back is something he describes as incomparable. “Touring, and performing all over the country and the world is one thing, but there has to be a purpose to your individual success,” He says. “Mine is to touch the hearts of many.” And as he continues on in his journey to inspire, you can rest assured he’ll be loving every minute of it.

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