Ranking the top five internet comedians in NYC


With youth across the nation taking advantage of social media as a comedy platform, more and more young people have been able to show their talents for the world to see. NY kids are no different. Here are the top  five internet comedians from NYC.

#5 Ron Suno

FB: Ron Suno

Ron Suno has a style of skits that true New Yorkers can appreciate. His routine includes his classic “Weave” skit in which he walks up on strangers and even objects and dodges punches while engaging in fake combat. He has also coined the #RonSunoDance where he does his dance everywhere from traffic, to Times Square. With his signature Du-rag, Timberlands and New York lingo, Suno can get any one from the five boroughs to laugh.

#4 Fraser

IG: @downgoesfraser

While for the most part, other comedians on this list have gradually come into prominence, Fraser hit the scene like an asteroid, giving people across the world one question to ask: “Why you always lying?” Fraser’s rendition of the classic song gained him a rapidly growing fan base and repost by celebs and various publications. Fraser is far from a one hit wonder though, he has followed up his hit skit with other song renditions such as his “I can’t stand the rain” spoof as well as great situational comedy like his recent bit “When you go link up with your girl but her hood is full of goons”. Something almost every inner city youth can relate to.

#3 Kapri Fernandez

IG: @Kapri_fernandez, Photo by @gvifilms

Kapri Fernandez has reached number three because of his unapologetic humor which often features his never ending battles with trifling females. His classic skits include his “Bouta take an L starter kit” video as well as his “Hurt bae” rendition. He has proven to be versatile as he’s done skits in various locations such as a department store, where he acted as a scammer who’s cards were declining, as well as on the Brooklyn streets, where he wore both a blood and crip flag until he was approached by thugs and met with a hail of bullets. Above all though is his signature phrase “Your Uber’s Downstairs” which is now popular as the best way to dismiss someone who is doing entirely too much.

#2 Shiggy

IG: @theshiggyshow

Shiggy’s aggressive comedy style earns him the number two spot on this list. His signatures include his window chronicles, in which he yells obscenities from the window of his house at imaginary passerbys, as well as the Shoker, in which he dresses up in white makeup as the Joker while repeating “How I’m a clown?” He also has hilarious sequences such as the skits of him walking in the room with outrageous outfits and being roasted because of it. His signature phrase “Extra Juicy” has snuck into pop culture and his videos have been featured on countless celebrity pages.

#1 Renny

IG: @Renny

Renny takes the number one spot thanks to not only his comedic genius, but his drive and consistent efforts to pump out quality content. His act, which started on Instagram, has gained him over 1 million followers, and he’s seen similar success on Facebook and YouTube. His classic routines include his “Tyrone” saga, which depicts a young man going through issues such as the constant pursuit of his financial advisor, embarrassment from his step father Jeff and infatuation for the love of his life, Ms Johnson. Many of his phrases have reached pop culture such as his “Go to your fathers house” slogan which can now be heard all over the country. While his signature background voices and music have been rapidly duplicated by up and coming comedians, Renny is the originator of his style and the best at doing it.