Kamzei: Road less traveled


The Queens singer doesn’t care what you think

After graduating high school and beginning college, Kamzei was beginning to approach one of life’s crossroads. She was losing money, losing time and most importantly, losing her sense of self which eventually led to her having an epiphany. “I had a bio class and I had just parked, turned out my joint, walked all the way to the building, looked through the glass door and told myself I can’t do this anymore,” She says. “Ever since then I’ve been fighting to be me.” Her inner self has since bloomed, resulting in her displaying her talents as she pursues a music career. College may be behind her now, but what’s in front seems so much brighter these days anyway.

Photo by @Woodengenius

“I used to write my arguments down and give them to my mother, that’s how real it was”

Kamzei’s laid back vibe which has become a staple in her music now, was shaped during her upbringing. While she was very much introverted, she kept in touch with her creative side from the jump. “I started writing at a young age like scary stories, poems and lyrics to beats in my head,” She says. “I used to write my arguments down and give them to my mother, that’s how real it was.” Her pen game has since matured into a style which she compares to a chameleon, as she seamlessly shifts the tone of her sound, depending on the mood or emotion she feels at the moment, stating: “I want to attract those who are afraid to be themselves, those who aren’t afraid and those who don’t believe dreams come true.”

Photo by @Twelvebyseven

On her latest EP, “High Talks”, Kamzei stresses the importance of staying focused on pursuing a dream despite societal pressure and naysayers. Her Instagram often features monologues of herself addressing these issues and offering commentary to this generation as a whole. “I feel a lot of people are going into depression and are feeling tremendous amounts of anxiety these days and a lot of it is caused by our time spent on social media,” She says. “People compare their lives to those they’re following, watching the vacations, date nights, parties, or cars that others post not knowing what they are seeing are just highlights of someones life. It’s not their real story.”

Photo by @Twelvebyseven

“As an artist you release a lot of tension and energy through your creations”

Kamzei sticks with this narrative and others like it on songs such as “Where you headed”, where she details how she feels about the nonbelievers and encourages those who are dream chasing. As she chases her own dreams, she already feels rewarded by the feeling of freedom she receives. “As an artist you release a lot of tension and energy through your creations,” She says. “Not only is it just music to me but it is a stress reliever.” These days, Kamzei marches to the beat of her own drum, and to all the dreamers and fans of her movement, its music to our ears.

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