Paule Ouedraogo: The come up


The artsy beauty with the big plans

Paule Ouedraogo’s creative endeavors may be what drive and inspire her now, but as a young girl fresh out of the West African country Burkina Faso, it was her only source of communication. “Attending school wasn’t the best because I couldn’t communicate with the others since I didn’t speak English,” She says. “The arts were my way of communication. If I wanted to say something, I’ll demonstrate either through drawing or acting out what I am trying to say, hoping someone would understand what I meant.” The young African girl would eventually fall in love with the arts and soon a true creative was born. The multi faceted artist has touched base with various mediums of artistry including dance, painting, acting and fashion and if you let her tell it, she’s just getting started.

Photo by @neefcastle, Creative Director – @kxngcrwn

“The arts were my way of communication”

Since Paule has realized her calling she has had her share of triumphs as well as obstacles. She led a 15 person crew of painters as they completed a mural at Flatbush Junction, a task that required days of hard work. “I started early and ended late,” She says. “This year we’ll be working on the other side of the wall and we’ll also be making another mural at The Door, a safe space for teens.”

Photo by @derieffe

“I feel like young creatives are the future”

Despite her positive strides, she still faces criticism from some who believe that the lifestyle she is pursuing is unrealistic, and she should direct her attention to something more conventional. Although it often takes some convincing, Paule’s body of work is proof that her passion is more than just a phase as she hopes to usher in a new generation of creative individuals. “I feel like young creatives are the future,” She says. “We color what our world will look like years prior without even knowing.”

Photo by @leesythooo

“Just don’t sleep on me”

Going forward, Paule is working on her own clothing line, which she describes as “Frustrating” but is nonetheless coming along. She also has an acting production in the works as she continues to remain versatile and limitless in her pursuits. “I’m hoping to continue doing artwork, dancing, I might bring out some music, put more YouTube videos out there, shows, and more,” She says. “Just don’t sleep on me. Because the come up will be crazy.” Rest assure Paule, we’re woke on this end.

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