Lauryn Jean Pierre: Lolo’s World


The young model with the unique look

In a room full of flashing cameras, stylists and onlookers judging her every move, Lauryn Jean-Pierre admits it can be a little nerve racking. “The most challenging thing about modeling for me is my shyness,” She says. “I get very uncomfortable when the whole room is looking at me and I have the spotlight.” While she is new to the modeling scene, “Lolo”, as she is called has quickly made her mark. With the unique look that the she dons and the growing line of suitors booking her for shoots, Jean-Pierre may have no choice but to embrace the spotlight, and all that comes with it.

Photo by @mykere

“I got my first chance to do a photo-shoot just in my friends room”

Lolo grew up with only her father, who is one of her biggest inspirations. “He helps me with my highs and lows,” She says. “He was a single parent raising me and my brother and times were hard but he got through it.”┬áIn January of last year, Lolo decided to resist her looming insecurities and give modeling a crack. “I got my first chance to do a photoshoot just in my friends room,” She says. “After that, a lot of photographers were reaching out to me and I got booked for so many photo shoots it was overwhelming but amazing as well and I loved it.” Lolo’s strengths lie in her unique look, her low cropped hairstyle and her signature freckles scattered across her face.

Photo by @islandboyphotography

“I would like to create an agency that accepts all shapes and sizes regardless”

As an up and coming model, Lolo has fallen in love with not only the photography aspect, but the fashion as well. “The best thing about modeling is when the stylist styles me in amazing outfits,” She says. “Honestly I wish I could bring some of the clothes with me because they’re just so cute.” The modeling industry does have its drawbacks though, one in particular being its treatment to petite models. Being a petite model herself, Lolo dreams of being the bridge between petite women discovering their true beauty through modeling. “It sucks that many agencies don’t accept petite models,” She says. “I would like to create an agency that accepts all shapes and sizes regardless of how they look because I honestly feel like everyone can be a model if they wanted to!” In other words, Lolo plans to conquer her own insecurities and shyness, and then help other girls around the world do the same. Sounds good to us.

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