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Dash Porter has found her love in photography, and hopes her camera will take her back to the motherland

Photography in general is a powerful art-form with the ability to tell a story and shape perception. While some photographers are content with just a cool picture, Dash Porter wants her pictures to have depth and help erase the stereotypes that plague minorities on the TV screen and in the newspapers. “I want to focus on minorities, specifically the black community,” She says. “However I want to focus on the positive aspects, while everyone else seems to focus on the negative.” The young photographer is already equipped with a veterans mindset and focus, which is probably why her art looks so damn good.

Photo by @neyecphotography

“I want to focus on minorities, specifically the black community”

Porter found her calling from her grandfather, who influenced her career choice at a young age. “After he came from deployment, he took up photography as a hobby & when I was younger I used to spend pretty much every weekend at his house.” While she picked up a knack for the camera early, it wasn’t until late 2015 when Porter really decided to take her craft seriously. In a film production high school, she began to perfect the art of the still photo and decided that she was destined to be a photographer.

Photo by @thepeppercoast

“They never want to show Africa in it’s true beauty”

Since her spark of interest, Dash Porter went on to become a lot of your favorite artist’s go to person for a quality shoot. Justine Skye, who Porter names as her idol, is one name in the lengthening line of creatives that Porter has been able to capture on cam. While photographing these artist is dope however, Porter still has bigger dreams for her camera and for her people. “I want to go back to the original black community, in Africa,” She says. “Connect with my roots, while showing the world the beauty of what Africa has to offer. Because for the most part, whenever Africa is portrayed in the media, the depictions is always vile & dreadful. They never want to show Africa in it’s true beauty.”

Photo by @Passthelovearound

“I just want to show everyone who’s ever doubted me that I’ve made it”

For now, Porter is continuing to build on her portfolio which now includes her own website (Dashportertv.com), and her work being featured in the legendary Apollo Theater for “Teen Takeover”. As a photographer, she deals with the constant struggle of securing funds for her camera equipment, but the look on a happy clients face makes it all worth it for her. In the future, she hopes to work with an agency and the top models, rappers etc in the industry, stating: “I just want to show everyone who’s ever doubted me that I’ve made it & to everyone who’s in need of some motivation, that anything is possible, as long as you work your ass off for it.

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