Josh Waters: Mellow Vibes


The Deep South singer bringing you the laid back vibes

Josh Waters likes to think of himself as a soulful dude. The Mississippi native with the impressive vocals wants his music to be a laid back alternative to the turnt up trap sound currently dominating the musical climate. “Don’t get me wrong, I turn up.. probably smoke entirely too much,” He says. “But when it comes to my craft.. that’s not what I’m trying to do.” Waters has been able to find his own lane in the game and has since scored some solid gigs and collaborations, but with his debut EP dropping soon, expect for him to make an even bigger splash in the industry.

Photo by @tamia.porter

“I grew up singing in the church”

Waters was born and raised in Hattiesburg, MS and found his gift for singing at a young age. “I grew up singing in the church,” He says. “I started recording music when I was 15 years old. My mom was a singer, and my older brother Jeremy literally popped out of the womb a musician. I guess I just gravitated towards it naturally.” In a short period of time, Josh has graduated from dominating college shows (Where GrittyVibes first discovered him) to venues such as SXSW, (Where he was set to perform just hours before this interview). His ever growing catalog includes a collaboration with Smoke Dza with the song “This fire”.

Photo by @tamia.porter

“It’s enough Artist turning you up, and shoutout to them”

Josh Waters plans to address various issues in his EP, including his personal demons such as getting through depression, which he acknowledges is his toughest obstacle. When the project does drop, don’t expect anything less than a soulful sound either. “It’s enough Artist turning you up, and shoutout to them,” He says. “But what about the times when you’re just chilling and want to hear something you can connect to?  I want to provide that answer.” And when he does provide it, just remember where you heard his name first.

IG: @Joshwatersmusic