Quizz: Hustla music


The Queens musician with the melodic sound

Quizz is the first to let people know that he’s not a cocky person. The New York rapper keeps it humble for the most part, but he also knows that putting in the time and effort in his craft and seeing it pay off, is a feat that deserves just a little stunting. “I’m a very humble person but sometimes you just have to let em know where you coming from,” He says. The place he’s referring to is Jamaica Queens, where Quizz grew up and is now on track to be a premier artist in the city.

Photo by @adifferentlyfestyle

“I’m a very humble person but sometimes you just have to let em know where you coming from”

For as long as he could remember, making music was always what Quizz wanted to do. “I was brought up around musicians and people in the music industry,” He says. “My dad was a hustler and my mom is a registered nurse so I’m pretty sure they knew I would want to keep up with the flashy living and the finer things in life.” In hopes of gaining these things, Quizz has studied the game to the letter, becoming not just a rapper, but an engineer. He’s built his own studio in his grandmothers house, where he has pumped out some of the hits that’ve gained him a buzz in his area.

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“I don’t try to make my music too hardcore”

Quizz stays away from the lyrical rap for the most part, opting instead for a smoother, harmonious sound. “My style of music is mainly on the singy, melodic side,” He says. “I don’t try to make my music too hardcore.” This style is displayed in songs such as “Insta live”, a catchy song that could definitely see time on the airwaves. Going forward, he hopes to collaborate with hitmakers such as Future, Drake, 21 Savage, Migos and others. The Queens rapper wants his songs to evoke emotion in his fans and continue to propel him past his musical peers in Queens. “When listening to my music, it shouldn’t matter what mood or vibe you in, I want my music to speak volumes,” He says. The son of a hustler has showed his own hustler spirit, and with the right amount of work, could very well end up on your airwaves next.

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