Pauliie Coston: Queen of the tribe


The NYC designer is kickin it old school

In the bustling, fashion forward city of New York, it is not uncommon to see long lines of kids clamoring for the latest Supreme or Yeezy installments, paying top dollar to out do their peers. What is rare though, is a group of people who take it upon themselves to express their individuality through fashion, music and culture, without conforming to societal expectations. However, the collective of rappers, artist and more known as Tribe NYC has done just that. Their 90’s style has gained them quite the following over the past few years and the Queen of the movement is none other than Paulasia Coston.

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“My motto is go with your gut, stick to it.”

The NYC fashionista better known as Pauliie has always known she was a bit different. “I’ve always had my old school style,” She says. “One of the boys approached me and from there it was history and I’ve been in the group ever since.” While the group consist of a number of different creatives, Pauliie herself is a designer. Her style can range from the Tribe’s signature vintage style to other more toned down looks. Balancing those different aesthetics is something she often considers a bit of a challenge. When asked how she goes about switching it up, she replied: “I see myself as a guru so finding the balance of finding myself while exploring my crazy new ideas. My motto is go with your gut, stick to it.”

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“I hope to have my own bridal line and still do my street style and join those two in marriage very soon”

So far, going with the gut has been beneficial for both Pauliie and the Tribe as a whole. The group has made strides such as scoring a Reebok deal, which put their pictures all across the world. As for Pauliie, she’s found her calling in wedding design, where she has been able to use her talent and eye for fashion in the bridal industry. “It’s something new and exciting to me and new to the people that surround me,” She says. “I hope to have my own bridal line and still do my street style and join those two in marriage very soon, but one step at a time.” So while the current culture is stuck in line, Pauliie and the Tribe have made a new one themselves. As the NYC collective clearly has a blast while they live out their dreams, here’s hoping others with follow their lead and do the same going forward.

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