Kevin Parrom: Crossover success


Life after basketball for Parrom has been sweet

The company known as Fancy, located smack in the middle of NYC is much like any other office at this time of year. You know, college basketball debates at the water cooler, brackets being filled out and eventually, ripped up. One worker in the office doesn’t take part in any of the bracket shenanigans though. His name is Kevin Parrom and just a few years ago he was in the middle of March Madness, but as a player. “It feels weird filling out the brackets because we weren’t allowed to when I was playing,” He says. The former Arizona Wildcat has made the transition from a college basketball player into his career and he hasn’t looked back since.IMG_4927

“Every other weekend I was playing at different aau tournaments, playing against the top competition in the world.”

Parrom learned the game of basketball in the concrete jungles of the Bronx and quickly began to make a name for himself as one of the coldest in the city. The game consumed his life at an early age, taking him all across the country. “My childhood was pretty easy going since I was always busy playing basketball,” He says. “Every other weekend I was playing at different aau tournaments, playing against the top competition in the world.” The 6’5 shooting guard would go on to play at St Raymond’s where he became a four star prospect and after a brief stint at prep school, he signed to the University of Arizona.


 “Life after basketball has been amazing”

Parrom became a stand out player and crowd favorite, earning the nickname “No easy buckets” for his hard foul and subsequent stare down in a rival game against Arizona State. While he enjoyed his on court successes, Parrom also dealt with major adversity such as losing his mother to cancer during his tenure at Arizona. Upon visiting his sick mother in September of 2011, Parrom was shot twice by an intruder in the Bronx. Still, just two months later, he made his return to the court, solidifying his status as a resilient figure in Arizona folklore.

The moment in which Kevin “No Easy Buckets” Parrom was born

“Life after basketball has been amazing,” Says Parrom with a smile. He can now be seen in the company of the likes of Dwayne Wade or Gabrielle Union as he has been able to apply his outgoing personality to the business world. After a stint in the D-league and overseas, he found his fit with “Fancy”, a social commerce platform in which he currently thrives at. The decision to leave the game was a calculated one by Parrom, his way of using the game of basketball to his advantage and not the other way around.
“Basketball was life for me,” He says. “I seen it as a opportunity to get a free education, experience the world and travel to meet/interact with different people. I enjoy going to work everyday now and I’m excited on what the future holds.”

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