SINDIGO: Made for this


The soulful singer with a sound of her own

Long before SINDIGO would release her debut EP, or any music for that matter, she had an undying rhythm brewing up inside of her. “My grandma was always singing & humming,” She says.  “At our family gatherings, music would always be a priority. In the car, to & from school with my dad, music filled the whole ride. Music was part of the fabric of my life from a young age.” Naturally, it wasn’t long before she went on to create her own music, combining the elements of 60’s and 70’s oldies with 90’s hip hop and R&B. The result has been a soulful melting pot of sounds and a buzz that can only grow from here.


“The most challenging part is reinvention”

While her influences come from various artist, SINDIGO can name four in particular who inspire her the most, stating: “Lauryn Hill, SZA, Jhené Aiko and PARTYNEXTDOOR.” Lauryn’s melodies and range are what captured SINDIGO’s ear while Aiko and SZA’s emotional messages move her. She also studies the technical aspect of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s music, taking note on how to create a bigger aura with effects and production. “Their music touches me in ways I would like to touch others,” She says.


While her art has found it’s musical niche, SINDIGO would still like to explore different ways to evoke emotion in her listeners. “The most challenging part is reinvention,” She says. “Exploring the different facets of my art. Approaching the deepest parts of me from different angles and figuring out which lights to expose them in.”


“My dream is to be able to do music full time, to divulge myself in my art”

SINDIGO hopes this exploration will come into fruition for her first full length album, which is the next logical step in her evolution as an artist. She has already displayed the drive and potential to produce projects on her own, as her debut EP “Sincerly SINDIGO” was completely funded and produced by her.

The 20 year old Brooklyn singer with the musical genes has created a fair amount of regional buzz, and now dreams of putting on for her fam and her community through her music. “My dream is to be able to do music full time, to divulge myself in my art,” She says .”To perform for huge audiences, go on tour…When my music has enough funding I want to start environmental programs within my community and better the world I live in, in my own way.”

IG: @Sindigo_

Photography: @tizzap, @unscripted_moments