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Deago Sama: Gridiron artist

The speedy cornerback with the artsy talent

You may already know Deago Sama as the starting cornerback for Alcorn State, a standout athlete who made the adjustment from receiver and found himself a few possessions away from a conference championship. If one is too quickly to judge though, it may be assumed that football is his sole premier talent. Sama’s prowess on the gridiron has largely overshadowed his artistic skill, which is remarkable in its own right.


“My toughest obstacle was trying to draw after surgery on my wrist.”

Sama grew up in the “Belle Glade” section of Florida, a notoriously rough neighborhood, where he found his love of football as well as art. “For football, my uncle saw how good I was at 6 and signed me up, drawing came in coloring contest in school,” He says. While the two talents are interchangeable for Deago, football can at times be detrimental for Sama the artist, he states: “My toughest obstacle was trying to draw after surgery on my wrist.” With a cast covering most of his hand, Deago continued to pump out works of art, which often include portraits of celebrities and friends.


“My dreams and goals are to be a coach and a tattoo artist”


Injuries have plagued him for much of his college career, including a bad hip that he had surgically replaced. His comeback this year was a feel good story for Sama and the entire university. Down the line though, he hopes to remain connected to both football and  his artistry. “My dreams and goals are to be a coach and a tattoo artist,” He says. The dreadlocked cornerback with the permanent gold fronts is a unique new face to the art world. With the resilience he showed in his return to the field, there is no doubt he will continue to beat the odds.

IG: @Deagosama

All art featured is property of Deago Sama

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6 Comments on Deago Sama: Gridiron artist

  1. ✊🏾💪🏾🗣


  2. Melvin Hodge // March 18, 2017 at 10:06 am // Reply

    Hey is a very talented Kid….ALCORN need to promote his artwork.


  3. Deago isn’t from Belle Glade, he’s from Delray Beach this is a lie.


  4. Played at Olympic heights in Boca Raton


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