Chad Douglas: Brooklyn boy


The fast rising BMX biker shredding a hood near you

Chad Douglas was born in Brooklyn, but when he returned in the year 2000, it all felt like a foreign land to him. He had spent the first nine years of his life on the small island of St Vincent, an experience that he says helped mold his current laid back, humble demeanor. “I was raised by my grandmother, we lived in a wooden house along with my sister & Aunt,” He says. “There was an outhouse, we cooked over a coalpot, we worked the land, walked barefoot at times. Those circumstances have shaped who I am today.” As the nine year old Douglas adjusted to New York City culture, he quickly found the craft that would eventually gain him notoriety around the five boroughs and take him across the country.


“Hopping over garbage, wheelies, doing manuals & wallriding”

Douglas picked up an interest in BMX biking around his hood and one person in particular. “What drew me to Bmx was a direct result of watching my barber ride his bike down my block Winthrop St,” He says. “Hopping over garbage, wheelies, ¬†doing manuals¬†& wallriding.” Douglas began to frequent the barber shop to pick up jewels of wisdom from the barber and eventually went on to buy a bike of his own. “I got my mom to purchase my first bike, an eastern traildigger from Larry’s BikeShop on Flatbush ave,” He says. “From then on i’ve been riding a BmxBike. Stuntin’ thru all boroughs and taking my bike as far as Arizona.”

“You have to put yourself in a state of mind where you are determined, focused & ready”

Since those early barbershop days Douglas’ face has graced various magazines such as Hypebeast as he’s exhibited the potential of a future star on the BMX scene. While the bike brings a sense of freedom and accomplishment to him, Douglas accredits his success to his concentration. “You have to put yourself in a state of mind where you are determined, focused & ready,” He says. “When you’re at this point, only then would you overcome pain, improve your skills & execute your trick.”


Going forward, Douglas hopes to continue his momentum and parlay his buzz in New York into a lucrative career “My dream goals are to make a name for myself, be able to represent Brooklyn in a positive light and provide for myself and my family all thru riding my bike,” He says. From outhouses and coal pots to manuals and wall rides, Chad Douglas embodies the American dream. Although he isn’t yet the nationally renowned BMX star that he envisions, he is already Brooklyn’s finest.

IG: @chaddouglas_

Photography: @jcvnha, @enasi