Brison: The shooter


Brison has quickly became on of the premier photographers that you’ve never heard about

While there may be photographers with more of a following or higher profile clients, the New York based cameraman referred to simply as “Brison” has work that can stand toe to toe with any other in the city. As his catalogue continues to expand with an assortment of breathtaking images, Brison remains humble, knowing there is still room for improvement. “Practice is the key for me,” He says. “I look at other photographers work & it makes me even want to work harder. I’m not the best but I want people to see my work & and say this is just talent.”

Seeing how far he has come since he’s started to take photography serious less than a year ago, Brison is on the fast track to turning his idols into his rivals.


“I was always the one people asked to take pictures of them on their Iphone’s”

 Brison is living proof that a good picture lies not only in the camera itself, but the man operating it. Long before he was able to get his hands on a high definition cam, he was the go to man among his friends for his ability to finesse a pic. “I was always the one people asked to take pictures of them on their iphone’s,” He says. “So I was doing that for a bit. Then I got my first camera.” His photography career didn’t exactly take flight just yet though. It took him hanging out with other photographers for him to get a hang of the craft. After a period of practice and learning, Brison eventually gained the confidence to collaborate with clients and expand his brand.
Brison and his prized possesion
 Brison has now found his niche in the photography game’ leaning more towards fashion. “I really like 80s & 90s fashion a lot ,” He says. “Me living in Brooklyn, I love the street wear…Everybody is different when it comes to the way they dress so I like  for them to feel comfortable in what they have.” These days, he has been expanding his portfolio by working with various influencers in the New York area.

“The big step on this year of 2017 is to just see my art on a magazine cover”

 In the future though, Brison has bigger plans. He hopes to work with a major model agency in NYC, as one of the photographers. He also has hopes of taking his show on the road, traveling around the world to capture images of other cultures. Above all though, Brison just wants his work displayed for the world to see. “The big step on this year of 2017 is to just see my art in a magazine cover & I would be Blessed & grateful to see my art is out there,” He says. Brison has big dreams for sure, but the former iPhone snapper now has his feet wet in the game, and is ready for what the rest of the world may hold.
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