Kylee: No favors


Shadyville Queens rapper Kylee is doing things his way

In the rap game, it’s not uncommon to hear an artist say he’s “Next up”. The phrase is thrown around all too often and with every rapper handing themselves the proverbial crown, it can be hard to separate these self proclaimed lyricist from the ones who have some actual potential. However, when a walking rap icon like Jadakiss declares it, somehow it holds way more weight and validity. In Kylee’s case, that’s exactly what happened. The Queens New York rapper is turning heads with his flow, and he believes he has the talent and drive to prove Jada right.

IMG_4824 “Every time I watch performance videos and the crowds are roaring, it gives me chills,”

While some begin rapping with dreams of fame and fortune, Kylee started simply to show out for his mother. “When I was young, my mother had all the flyest cars and cribs from Maybach’s to Mini Mansions, but her time was limited due to her being in the streets,” He says. “Despite her hustling, she was always into music so I started spitting as a means to get more of her attention.” That attention, however was short lived as his mother was sentenced to a twelve year stretch in prison for a whopping 30 million dollar bank fraud conviction. The case was a crushing blow to a twelve year old Kylee, and had a huge effect on his psyche as well as his music.


Since his mothers imprisonment, Kylee has been after the money in his own right. He hopes his Maybach’s and mansions will come in the form of compensation from his music though, and he has already made moves to ensure he does it his way, stating: “I’m currently the CEO of my Independent Record Label Beyond Doubt Music Group and I’m also invested into several business ventures.”

“It’s the best feeling to hear people react positively to my records”

The 20 year MC, who says he draws inspiration from Jay-z, doesn’t like to put himself in any particular lane of music. While his style is unmistakably NYC, he like to switch it up with melodic flows to arise a different type of feeling within his listeners. “It’s the best feeling to hear people react positively to my records,” He says. “Whether its turning up or getting into their feelings.. just the fact that I could evoke emotion in people is amazing to me.”

Kylee’s mentality going forward is simple: Take over the rap game, and do it his way. If it all goes according to plan, his mother will come home and see the twelve year old boy she was taken away from, is now one of New York’s brightest stars. For now though, he watches the hottest artists do their thing, waiting for his turn. “Every time I watch performance videos and the crowds are roaring, it gives me chills,” He says. “I can’t even fathom the feeling. Its just dope!” So are you Kylee. So are you.

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Photography: @tyrhiek_fann, @iamkingcity