Anastasia Lovera: Empowered


The model/artist on the rise

      These days, Anastasia Lovera can be recognized by her definitive looks, her blossoming art work and her large, curly Afro. While she wears her hair like a proud badge of honor now, it wasn’t always as easy for her to accept. “I had a hard time accepting who I was since I was very young,” She says. “Society was and still is quite white washed, although I’ve noticed a spark through social media which actually got me embracing who I was.” During these times, Lovera opted to wear her hair up, as her confidence level took hits from friends and even family. With the recent renaissance of acceptance and empowerment of all forms of beauty though, Anastasia began to eventually embrace her look. As a result, she let her hair free and has since became a promising new model and champion for Afro Latinas everywhere.


“I didn’t realize my potential.”

      As her image began to take shape, the world around her began to take notice, including some who seen modeling in her future. Lovera wasn’t quite all the way sold just yet though. “I thought they were out of their mind,” She says. “I was flattered but I didn’t believe I was any sort of model type.” Eventually, she gave in and in 2015 began her modeling career, falling in love with the craft ever since. “I loved it, it gave me sooo much love for myself,” Lovera says. “I didn’t realize my potential.”


      This potential caught the eye of Kanye West’s team and in September of 2016, she was able to model the newest Yeezy line. Her favorite part of the business though, is the inspiring group of people she’s been able to work with. “So many people work independently and give me inspiration to do me,” She says. Honestly, social media has gotten so big to the point you can make money as your own business. Like what?”

Lovera (sitting), for Yeezy

      The social media business is a tasking one though and to keep a growing following, Lovera often post 3-5 times a day. “It’s almost like a job,” She says. “I have to keep this consistency if not I lose followers. It also helps me get out there and work with companies and small businesses.” She also uses online platforms to promote her art, which will soon be featured in several art shows around New York.


“So many people work independently and give me inspiration to do me,”

      While she is happy with her work and inspiration she provides right now, she still has bigger dreams for the future. These dreams include being featured on billboards, fashion shows and publications as well as being signed to an agency. Most importantly though, she plans on pursuing the career that makes her truly happy. “Isn’t it everyones dream to do what they love?” Says Lovera. “I want to show people they can do whatever they put their mind to.” And when she does, expect for her Afro to be on full display.

IG: @anastasialovera

Photographers: @mountainbikekeith (main picture) @insighting (second picture) @sunnysempai (third and last picture)