Kris-Ann Watson: Poster child


The fresh new face in modeling looking to defy the odds

Two inches. That’s what Kris-Ann Watson was told separates her and the models signed with major agencies.”My whole life is an obstacle.” She says. “In this modeling industry, standards are such a thing. These agencies all have the one standard I do not fit, minimum height: 5’8.” For what she may lack in height though, she certainly makes up for in confidence. The hazel eyed model who refers to herself as the “Poster Child” believes she is destined for greatness, regardless of the industry gatekeeper’s preferences. If her already impressive body of work is any indication, we should believe it too.


“My life was always me being a model as I was being me.”

Watson doesn’t hesitate to mention god when asked who inspires her. Among many, one of the blessings in which she is grateful for is the natural gravitation that led her towards her current dreams. “I was brought into the modeling world without even noticing,” She says. “My life was always me being a model as I was being me. I just decided to push it all the way and make a complete living out of it.” Since that decision, her 5’6 frame has graced major websites and publications such as Vogue and she has been able to work with none other than Kanye West. “At the time I was still living in Rhode Island and would run off to New York for these castings and this one casting happened to be for Kanye West’s Yeezy Seaon 3,” Watson says. “I got there too late. I cried but kept working and working, and was able to be a model in Yeezy Season 4.”


“I have a dream to be indescribable”

After the experience with Kanye, Kris-Ann Watson was gaining momentum and the ability to work other high profile gigs, most notably being Barney’s New York. She often refers to this experience as her favorite memory in the industry yet, as it opened her eyes to what can truly be attainable if she grinds. “All in one shoot, it showed me that you just have to keep working,” She says. “All you need will come to you when necessary.” With this in mind, Watson now has her sights on bigger things. The poster girl’s dreams are to be featured on a billboard, and be one of the greatest supermodels of all time. As she continues to make a name for herself in the industry, she now feels that no obstacle or even couple inches can stop her from reaching her ultimate aspirations. “I have a dream to be indescribable, to be so great it’s like one of those “you just gotta see for your self” type of beings,” Watson says. “I want to live everything I imagine. I want to be free.”

IG: @postergirlkrissy