Jazmin Strane: She got game


Jazmin Strane slays….on and off the court

       At six feet tall, it can be easy to mistake Jazmin Strane for a model, but she insists that the photo shoot level pictures are just a hobby. “I can never be serious with pictures,” Strane says. What she can be serious about is the game of basketball, where her combination of size, speed and agility made her a match up nightmare for college opponents in the SWAC conference. The California native wrapped up a standout career at Alcorn State in the Spring of 2016 and is now primed to take on the world by storm.

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“Once the season rolled around and I adjusted to the new coach and new position, it came easy.”

       Strane started both of her years at Alcorn and became a fan favorite because of her rebounding, aggression and confidence. That confidence however, was not quite as evident when she first arrived on campus. “There was a point when I first got to Alcorn that I wasn’t sure if I could be successful,” Strane says. “Once the season rolled around and I adjusted to the new coach and new position, it came easy.” Jazmin fit like a glove into the Alcorn State offense, a combo forward who could play on the wing, or mix it up down low with the big girls. Strane’s confidence rose  as the season went on. Soon, she was unleashing her patented spin move against D1 defenders, a move she learned years ago as a little girl in Stockton, California.

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Jazmin in the SWAC tournament

       Strane has been involved with the game for as long as she can remember. “I started hooping at birth to be honest,” She says. “My dad didn’t really give me a choice but I started playing in rec leagues at the age of five.” She went on to be a stand out player on the high school level, eventually capping off her career with over 1000 points. After two years of junior college, Strane left the west coast to attend Alcorn State in the Deep South of Mississippi.

“At the age of 33, i’ll probably be married with a kid or two and a home owner.”

      Admittedly, the adjustment was tough on her at first, especially being away from family. “I have a huge fear of losing family members while I’m away in college. And within the two years that I played for Alcorn State i’ve lost two family members, one each year during basketball season,” She says. “Family is everything to me and basketball has always been my life I really struggled with the basketball aspect when I lost love ones.” The pain of being away from family and enduring loss were setbacks for Jazmin, but in the game of basketball, she found her escape in even the toughest of situations.

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       With college ball now behind her, Strane has been able to get more in tune with her other hobbies which include reading poetry and yes, taking the occasional model-esque picture. She also now runs a YouTube channel in which she educates inquiring minds on her make up tips. As far as for the future, Jaz knows one thing for sure: She will keep her family close. When asked where she sees herself in ten years, she replied “At the age of 33, i’ll probably be married with a kid or two and a home owner…I will probably be coaching a basketball team as I manage my home, family and support my husband.” Here’s hoping that the kids that Jazmin will go on to coach will take after her confidence, as well as her spin move.

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