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Ranking the top five internet comedians in NYC

With youth across the nation taking advantage of social media as a comedy platform, more and more young people have been able to show their talents for the world to see. NY kids are no different. Here are the top  five internet comedians from NYC. #5 Ron Suno Ron Suno has a style of skits that true New Yorkers can appreciate....

The Renaissance of black film

Quality black film is back, and it's better than ever Just a year after the Oscar's award show was called out for it's exclusion of black actors, directors and films, the tide seemed to turn as a record setting number of African Americans received the honor. Mahershala Ali was victorious for his role in Moonlight, while Viola Davis gave a...

#MissingDcGirls: What’s really good?

The social media phenomena has shaken the city to its core The viral hashtag which has ran rampant through social media and sent shockwaves throughout the African American community began with a police tweet just months ago. A thirteen year old girl with pink slippers and a ponytail was deemed missing by the D.C. Police's twitter and along with basic...
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