Meet the saxophonist who has social media BUZZING

THE VIRAL TALENT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT When Corey Staggers picks up a saxophone these days, what follows is his own unique style. The New Haven, Connecticut musician tends to mix improvisation with some of pop culture's most well known songs, delivering the type of sound that could draw even the least cultured individuals to listen. He often breaks...

Meet the young guitarist who is blowing up over the web

The Nashville musician is on the fast track to stardom When Melanie Faye grabs a guitar, what happens next can only be described as the result of a pure talent doing what she was born to do. While she has the look of a protege who has been working at her craft for as long as she can remember, Faye...

Cakes the female producer

The multi-talented hit maker Being taught traditionally to read and make music has it's advantages and is definitely a welcomed asset for any producer to have. While it is the route many musicians take when beginning their career, it is not the only option.Take the producer known as "Cakes", for example. The up and coming beat maker never followed the...

Josh Waters: Mellow Vibes

The Deep South singer bringing you the laid back vibes

Quizz: Hustla music

The Queens musician with the melodic sound Quizz is the first to let people know that he's not a cocky person. The New York rapper keeps it humble for the most part, but he also knows that putting in the time and effort in his craft and seeing it pay off, is a feat that deserves just a little stunting....

Keys era: Lifted

The Philly artist putting on for her city one track at a time

Tjay The Poet: Comin up

The Philly rapper with the poetic flow Tjay the poet knows his music isn't quite like anything being made right now. While finding a unique style has been one of his biggest advantages as an artist, it's also a challenge to get others on board. "The hardest part is getting more out there," He says. "People are so drawn to...

SINDIGO: Made for this

The soulful singer with a sound of her own

Kylee: No favors

Shadyville Queens rapper Kylee is doing things his way

Quelly & Hazeus: New Age Outlaws

The newest collective out of Brooklyn       While the country remains divided by classism, racism and its newest president, many have taken a rebellious stance in the millennial generation. With this defiant spirit radiating throughout the youth, Quelly, Hazeu$ and the New Age Outlaws (N.A.O) have hit the scene and given a voice to the young, the wild...
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